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Is government spending effective?

2021-10-18T13:02:40+00:0013 August, 2017|

Let us start by asserting that the money the government holds is not its own. In general the government does not produce anything, nor create wealth, nor […]

Inflation and Deflation | A Hidden Tax

2021-10-18T12:06:17+00:0019 October, 2016|

We often hear in the mainstream media that inflation is desirable, that it’s positive for the economy. Central banks are not happy when inflation doesn’t reach the […]

Interest Rates and Time Preference

2021-10-18T11:53:39+00:009 April, 2016|

If people only had high time preference, we would probably still be in the Stone Age. Increases in production are only possible through saving and capital formation. […]

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