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1106, 2020

Skyscrapers: heralds of prosperity or crises?

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The concept of "capitalism" evokes a number of associations. In popular culture, the symbols of capitalism are often banknotes, trademarks of well-known global companies, the dollar sign – or skyscrapers. The construction [...]

805, 2020

Price controls

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In the previous episode we talked about prohibition. Although we started with the example of an autistic intervention in the form of a ban on possessing and consuming a substance, we also [...]

2302, 2020

How to Buy Gold and Silver | Practical Guide

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What are the purposes of buying gold and silver? First of all, to keep purchasing power in the long term. In times of constant inflation, [...]

1602, 2020

What’s the difference between invention and innovation?

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Have you ever heard about the dispute of two Steves who created an apple? Of course, it is about the disagreements between Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs: [...]

502, 2020

Types of interventions and the effects of prohibition

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Today, let's discuss the types of market intervention and, using an example, the effects of one of its types. Our aim is not to determine [...]

202, 2020

Capitalism, Socialism, Interventionism

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To understand the effects of interventionism and find out what it is, we have to state what capitalism and socialism in economic terms are, because they are sometimes defined in different ways. [...]

2201, 2020

Climate Change from the Economic Point of View

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Everyday we hear chilling stories about climate change in the media: In a dozen years or so humanity will certainly die out, forests will burn or wither, and the glaciers will melt, [...]

609, 2019

Automation: chance or threat?

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Less than two years before Stephen Hawking’s death in December 2016, the renowned physicist has warned in The Guardian that the automation and artificial intelligence was destroying the middle class. He wrote [...]

1508, 2019

Was Tulipmania the Madness of Crowds?

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The Seventeenth century was the golden age for the Netherlands. Trade, industry, science, and art were all blooming. Some of the reasons for this development were immigration of qualified employees to the [...]

1507, 2019

Capitalism – The Unknown Ideal?

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We start by addressing an important question: What is politics? There are numerous definitions. One encyclopedic definition states: "According to political philosophy politics is a strife to implement the idea of ​​The [...]