We teach Austrian Economics in a fun way!
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We teach Austrian Economics in a fun way! How is wealth created? Saving and investing is the key to personal wealth as well as the economic growth. ? How prices are determined? What can we learn from knowing the price discovery process? ? The Great Recession was initiated by bursting of the housing bubble. But why there was a housing bubble in the first place? Opportunity cost is the road not taken. Every action has a cost! How do we determine the value of things? How to explain the “water and diamonds paradox”? The law of diminishing marginal utility gives us an answer! Learn Austrian Economics in a fun way! ?


?? Russian Sanctions Overview | List of sanctions imposed on Russia

Russian Sanctions Overview. What sanctions did the west imposed on Russia? What are the costs for Russia?

▪ Quick […]

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? The Role of the Entrepreneur | Where Does Profit and Loss Come From?

What is the role of the entrepreneur? What does he do on the market? Where does his profits come […]

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? Why Wages Differ Between Countries? | 2 Main Factors

Why Wages Differ Between Countries? Why person doing the same job earns more in one country than in the […]

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