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306, 2016

Supply and demand

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I am going to ask you a weird question: What was the demand for cars in year 1120? Someone could answer without any hesitation: “None, there was no cars at the time!” However, imagine [...]

904, 2016

Interest Rates and Time Preference

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If people only had high time preference, we would probably still be in the Stone Age. Increases in production are only possible through saving and capital formation. Economic growth comes from people denying immediate [...]

1703, 2016

Monopoly in a free market

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A great number of people think that free market is just a way for monopolies to prey on poor customers. The same people think that only government is able to protect us against that [...]

1703, 2016

Money vs. Barter

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In a very simple economy, with very few goods, people can barter. But when the economy grows, barter trade becomes ineffective. Let me explain this with the simple example. There was [...]